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We have over 25 years experience bringing food service operations to a higher level when it comes to providing better quality products, superior customer service and raising customer satisfaction scores along with increasing profitability. If you think your Food Service Operation is underachieving then contact us to see what we can do for you and your customers.


Company History


My parents were born in Korea and moved to Hawai’i back in 1984. I was born and raised there and after 25 years my parents moved to Utah. My Mom has perfected Hawaiian-Style Korean BBQ over the years as we catered to tourists that visited Polynesian Cultural Center and we even used to have a small shack across from Sunset Beach on the North Shore.
In 2012 my parents started their Sushi business right in Provo by providing on-site fresh rolled Sushi at local Supermarkets. They then went on to expand into companies such as Vivint and Ancestry by providing on-site Sushi Chefs. Slowly they expanded across Utah, Arizona, Colorado and Las Vegas.
In late 2016 I joined and began to help expand their business to catering and delivery. We began to cater to many companies in Silicon Slopes and have enjoyed providing our foods to the Utah community. We were always asked if we had a restaurant and we were always hesitant due to the time and difficulty of running a restaurant. However, we persisted and with help from wonderful friends and family we decided to open a restaurant in Provo and in Orem.
In March 2018 we opened Utah’s first and only authentic All You Can Eat (AYCE) Korean BBQ and Sushi sit down restaurant. My parents have been to South Korea multiple times this year to make sure that we serve the very best to the Utah community.
In August 2018 Yummy’s will launch its first Food Truck and bring to all of Utah its first Hawaiian Style Korean BBQ Food Truck.
In the coming months we are planning to open North in the Salt Lake City area and will expand with several more Food Trucks.
Thank You so much for your love and continued support.
-Sun Choi, VP

On Demand

Our foods are made FRESH. They aren’t delivered from a factory and are not processed by a machine. Our Chefs prepare each of our items by hand and make your meal on the spot. There’s no waiting, it’s ready when you are.


We are always looking for ways to improve our business and servicing YOU, our customers. From harnessing new technology, improving our back-office and coming up with new flavors, we always have your interests in mind.

Increased Revenue

We increase business. Whether it be at a Supermarket, Business, Hospital, School, or Event, we have increased sales for our clients through our quality food at affordable prices.


We are just a phone call, text, or email away. We’re a family-owned business and want to treat all of our clients just like family. We are always there whenever you need us and are open to feedback to improve our foods and business.


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